Sell your scraps 

and become our partner

Together, we can contribute to a sustainable future

The scraps we are looking for are: sintered NdFeB or SmCo magnets of any grade and size, magnetized or not, and even integrated in complete systems. 

To discuss further on your magnets scrap recycling, or if you need any help to identify what type of magnet it is, please contact [email protected]

Benefits for our partners 

◆ Increase your magnets recycling rate 
◆ Contribute to European circular economy and reduce dependency 
◆ Increase your scraps value 

Les déchets que nous recherchons sont des aimants NdFeB ou SmCo frittés de toute qualité et de toute taille, magnétisés ou non, et même intégrés dans des systèmes complets.

Pour en savoir plus sur le recyclage de vos déchets magnétiques, ou si vous avez besoin d'aide pour identifier de quel type d'aimant il s'agit, veuillez contacter [email protected]

Avantages pour nos partenaires 

◆ Augmentation du taux de recyclage des aimants 
◆ Contribuer à l'économie circulaire européenne et réduire la dépendance 
◆ Augmenter la valeur de vos déchets

How does the process work?

You send us information about your magnets scraps: quantity, size, pictures, grades, etc. 

We agree on the current price of your scraps.

We organize the pick-up at your location.

Why recycle Rare Earth magnets?

Mineral deposits are increasingly scarce, leading to a decline in their availability.

Mitigate the environmental impact linked to mining involves a reduction in the reliance on toxic extraction chemicals.

Less dependence on China, as it currently monopolizes the mining and processing of critical Rare Earth Elements.

 A clean short loop recycling by hydrogen technology.

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