A Metallurgy Company

REEngineering magnets

We meet the challenge of resources depletion

facing such important climate challenges, we contribute to reinvent our production and consumption patterns

In a context of high international rivalries over the control and use of resources and associated technologies, we help end-users to secure their access and stabilise long term supply.

We are committed to critical materials  sovereignty for low carbon technologies

We make rare earth magnets available to the European industry thanks to a local production from local end of life magnets

As a Technology Company, we bring forward our contribution to the relocalisation of metallurgy industry in a close collaboration with all actors of the European magnet industry.
Mag REEsource's strategy is to establish a short recycling loop for NdFeB magnets to provide the electronics, medical, e-mobility, and defense sectors with NdFeB magnets and powders for a wide range of applications.

We promote a sustainable manfacturing of magnets within the circular economy

Based on an eco-friendly recycling process, we offer a green metallurgical solution through short loop recycling

Moreover, as electricity is bound to replace fossile fuel energy, we are committed to supply the best magnet components for efficient use of energy conversion.

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