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We proudly sponsor La Foulée Verte, an event dedicated to running, nature, and eco-responsibility in Chambéry.
Rejoignez-nous le 4 mai : ensemble, faisons la différence pour un avenir plus durable !

Thank you to the organisers of MIX.E and France renouvelables for allowing MagREEsource to take part in this event.
Finding low-carbon solutions is one of the keys to the success of the energy transition, so it was a pleasure to take part in the Start-up Academy, to meet other players and to promote our innovative low-carbon magnet solution.

At WindEurope, Officer Maive RUTE highlighted the wind industry's supply chain vulnerability, and the need for competitive European manufacturing considering non-price factors. With its circular model and thanks to our MagFactory,
MagREEsource aims to address this by providing high-performance wind industry magnets, prioritizing ESG and recycling, positioning itself as the EU's alternative.

MagREEsource is honored to be invited by REIA - The Global Rare Earth Industry Association to participate in the Conference in Bruxelles "Innovations in Rare Earths and Magnets applications" and discuss about key topics like magnetic alloys and composites; magnet recycling and sustainability; high-temperature stability and applications; miniaturization and so on.  

MagREEsource joined the  R&Day at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Chaire Mines Urbaines organised by ecosystem . The event focused on critical metals and WEEE recycling solutions, particularly for permanent magnets, with a recycling rate of less than 1%.In a webinar held on March 22, Luc Aixala highlighted MagREEsource's circular model for low-carbon magnet remanufacturing. 

MagREEsource participated in the inauguration of Pôle R.
It took part in the roundtable discussion on Combining Performance and Sobriety alongside Schneider Electric and Alpes Consigne.

*Pôle R is a new site in the Grenoble metropolitan area dedicated to circular economy and waste reduction

"A pioneering plant in Europe"
"Usine pionnière en Europe"

 Présences - Le magazine des entreprises du Sud-Isère
December 2023

MagREEsource and its team are proud to announce the establishment near Grenoble, at the heart of the technology and innovation ecosystem.

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